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Ahriman instigates men to evil deeds in each the worlds Chapter 400. Knowledge regarding knowledge and 바이낸스 레퍼럴 [Highly recommended Web-site] evil intelligence — their adornment — their supply — the gifts bestowed by them — their improvement and enhance — the dignity of knowledge and the dreariness of the evil intellect Chapter 401. The man influenced by the Druj conducts himself just like the Druj Chapter 402. The two ways by which the influence and strength of Spenamino are increased Chapter 403. Light and darkness do not change locations with one another, do not mingle with each other nor do they appear at the same time Chapter 404. The males who’re like unto the Yazads and the men who are like unto the demons Chapter 405. How man obtains superior knowledge and data Chapter 406. The varied sorts of kings on this world Chapter 407. The final disappearance of Ganamino from the creation of Spenamino Chapter 408. The creation of man and its nine levels Chapter 409. How man is made virtuous and filled with luster Chapter 410. The priest of the nice religion is essentially the most pious of men and the hypocrite priest of the evil religion the most sinful of males Chapter 411. The praiseworthy virtue which isn’t of advantage to the pious and the odious vice which is of benefit to the pious Chapter 412. The man who loves God and with whom God is happy enjoys happiness in paradise and the man who hates God and with whom God is displeased suffers misery in hell Chapter 413. Which wealth is most worthy of consideration?

Chapter 286. The Devs are injured by males owing to the unfold of the data of the faith brought by king Jamshed Chapter 287. The ten good commandments of king Jamshed Chapter 288. The ten evil commandments of Zohak in opposition to those of king Jamshed Chapter 289. The kind rulers of people Chapter 290. About giving judgment after due consideration Chapter 291. God keeps injurious things away from his Creation Chapter 292. About immorality which is of evil origin Chapter 293. Vice will not be known the place individuals are virtuous Chapter 294. The want of God that males should know Him and the desire of males to know Him Chapter 295. Men should save themselves from the 5 vices of Ahriman which destroy advantage Chapter 296. The supremacy over males Chapter 297. The article of the work of good religion Chapter 298. The identical wisdom which frees men from sin, obtains for them the experience of age Chapter 299. A man is safe by his religion within the writings of good religion Chapter 300. About the sinful males who have the knowledge of the immoral Druj Chapter 301. In regards to the man who conjures up zeal for religion Chapter 302. The concepts of the justice of the choose of this world and of that of the subsequent Chapter 303. The precepts which concern the security of life Chapter 304. The common virtue Chapter 305. Concerning the secure life Chapter 306. The protection and salvation of men Chapter 307. About one of the best and worst among men Chapter 308. About remembering the spiritual Yazads for obtaining spiritual assistance Chapter 309. The great power of Zohak who injures men’s souls Chapter 310. The Mazdayasnian religion produces virtuous qualities in men, and the Jewish religion produces wicked qualities Chapter 311. In regards to the king who reformes his topics for happiness on this life and the following, and about him who injures them Chapter 312. The friendship of Ohrmazd with the first man and about the Yazads who are his messengers to men Chapter 313. Man is related to the Mazdayasnian religion by obtaining the energy of divine knowledge Chapter 314. About good and unhealthy origin-man turns into virtuous by way of righteous zeal and vicious by way of wicked zeal Chapter 315. A foresighted man leads males beneficially by his phrases Chapter 316. The soul is stored contemporary by food and the physique is thereby preserved Chapter 317. About the mortality and immortality of man’s life Chapter 318. The injurious strength connected with death and sin Chapter 319. The final victory of Spenamino over Ahriman is owing to his superior energy Chapter 320. Good males needs to be preserved from the assaults of evil men and stored in joy Chapter 321. About the efficacy of blessings and curses Chapter 322. The prince born in wedlock of royal origin is worthy to fill the throne Chapter 323. The eternal joy and sorrow of mortals (men) and the evanescent joy and borrow of the inanimate creation Chapter 324. The final end of fine and bad rulers Chapter 325. The proof for the Mazddayasnian faith being the word of God Chapter 326. The rulers of this world should reform perverts Chapter 327. The explanations for man’s connection with and estrangement from Yazads and Devs Chapter 328. The proper joy of rulers Chapter 329. The energy of the religion at all times prevails over Ahriman from the beginning to the top Chapter 330. The existence of gentle and darkness Chapter 331. The character of the priest and the ruler of the faith of Ohrmazd and of these of the faith of Ahriman Chapter 332. Man becomes simply and truthful by adhering to the aspect of Ohrmazd, and by holding aloof from that of Ahriman Chapter 333. The origin of the great and of the bad religion Chapter 334. The savior and the destroyer of souls Chapter 335. Three kinds of superior strength on this world Chapter 336. About superior and inferior leaders Chapter 337. About the nature-foresight-wisdom-gifts-diligence-work-thought-energy-and benefits of the Mazdayasnian religion Chapter 338. Concerning the chief and leader of the Mazdayasnian and of the demonolatrous faiths Chapter 339. The priest is the savior of every one from sin and the imparter of virtuous religious knowledge Chapter 340. The responsibility of each Zoroastrian to put on clothes and all the time to have the Sudre and Kusti Chapter 341. The ordinance of the nice faith and of the unhealthy Chapter 342. What is the proper factor for spreading the knowledge of the faith in the world?

Chapter 175. The six ways of expiating the punishment for the margarjan sin Chapter 176. The great qualities of Hozvaban Tehmasp, his miraculous spiritual power Chapter 177. The maintaining of oneself and of one’s fellowmen from all injurious propensities of man’s nature, and the doing of good by oneself to others Chapter 178. The hope man has from this life after the soul has departed from the physique Chapter 179. Exposition regarding the very best kings Chapter 180. The style in which man ought to enhance hinself, and save his soul from hell Chapter 181. The injustice executed to a deserving particular person by a present being given to the undeserving one Chapter 182. What issues are the most beneficial to men in this world Chapter 183. Men should banish pollution from this world Chapter 184. The origin, the end, the exposition, and the power of reasonable and immoderate considering, the thoughts advised from them, and the benefits of the previous, and the injury from the latter Chapter 185. The unfitness of Ahriman to rule over the race of excellent creatures. Chapter 363. The source creating the soul — the helper of its good qualities — things that pave the way for the soul into the seed of this world and nourish and protect its source in the seed of the body — the protector of the soul — the distributor of souls among the many creation — the actions whereby the soul is rewarded by Ohrmazd and meets its unique source Chapter 364. Speech advantages the soul and prevents hurt from coming to it Chapter 365. The origin of existence and of this materials body Chapter 366. The life and dying of the soul and the indication of its loss of luster Chapter 367. Light and darkness and the profit and harm accruing therefrom Chapter 368. The faithful through the superior power of Ohrmazd avert the calamities of the instances Chapter 369. The elements of the physique and of the soul Chapter 370. The superiority of divine worship Chapter 371. The thoughts of the creation concerning the ability of God Chapter 372. The three orders of males among the many Mazdayasnians who’re deemed good and worthy of confidence Chapter 373. The faith of Ohrmazd and the religion of Ahriman — their garment and their enchancment — their continuance and the names of their votaries Chapter 374. The Drujs who inflict the primary, second, and third calamity on men at their birth and the means whereby Ohrmazd defeats the Drujs Chapter 375. The indications of rain and the inferences therefrom Chapter 376. Smoky and smokeless fires Chapter 377. The sufferings of Ganamino and the superiority of Spenamino to Ganamino Chapter 378. The consequences of following Spenamino and the consequences of following Ganamino Chapter 379. The creation of Spenamino is fully adorned, the creation of Ganamino is stuffed with hurt Chapter 380. The fear of Ganamino-the continuance of the race of men within the midst of his oppressiveness Chapter 381. Men should regard themselves as servants of God Chapter 382. Which of God’s creatures are the most highly effective?